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More About Chiropractic

Chiropractic and wellness care helps you feel healthier and more energetic. It significantly decreases or eliminates chronic or acute pain and can help prevent future health problems

Gentle versus "Cracking"

Your comfort with chiropractic care is very important. There are two basic types of chiropractic adjustments:

- a gentle type consisting of easy and gentle pressure, and

- a higher pressure type of adjustment that many patients describe as "cracking."

Some patients prefer a gentle massage-type of care that might include light force tapping. This is a gentle adjustment without any cracking noise.

However, some patients prefer the results of a higher pressure technique or "cracking adjustment." These adjustments provide more dramatic releases and realignments. This type of chiropractic care can increase flexibility more quickly than gentler versions. Despite the sound of it, you really do not experience pain, simply quicker relief.

Dr. Carnevale performs both techniques and can help you decide which one gives the best comfort and results that you want. Read more about the techniques?

Some of the common misconceptions of chiropractic treatment:

  • Misalignments of the spine only occur from major accidents or sports injuries.

  • You have to be in pain to benefit from an adjustment.
  • The pain is "because of age."

  • The pain will go away on its own.

  • Aspirin is the key to long-term treatment to your headaches.

  • You always need a referral from your primary care doctor.

  • It won't get any worse if I wait.

Chiropractic techniques

Dr. Carnevale uses these specific techniques of chiropractic:

Arthrostim/ Percussor - This is a soft force technique using instruments that gently tap on the patient's back and decrease pressure on the nerves.

Activator - This is another type of tapping instrument that gently stimulates the spine towards better alignment through soft and sustained tapping.

SOT or sacral-occipital technique - This technique can help improve organ function in your body. It is used to treat high blood pressure, digestive problems, urinary problems, toxicity, and female reproductive dysfunction. Many head-related symptoms can also be treated including vertigo, TMJ, headache, visual disturbances and ear infections.

Applied Kineseology - AK uses muscle testing to find areas of neurological weakness.

Cox flexion distraction - This strange-sounding technique is done through a specially designed table. Designed to treat disc herniations and low back injuries, the table gently and incrementally stretches the spine back into alignment.

Diversified - This is the firmer force "cracking" technique. It can effectively increase range of motion and relieve pain. Most patients do not experience pain with this type of adjustment. Many report an immediate feeling of relief and see a noticeable posture difference.