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Chiropractic and massage care can be very helpful in relieving some of the neuromuscular and biochemical changes that occur in pregnancy. As pregnancy can effect the digestive and circulatory systems, chiropractic adjustments help the body function at its optimal level. Adjustments, especially to the pelvis (sacrum, ilium, and pubis), can both help the birthing process and decrease pain because the joints that are usually stressed during birth, will be moving properly.

Because of the additional weight and stress on the the body in pregnant women, chiropractic adjustments can help lower the incidence of pain in the low back and legs, and between the shoulder blades. In some cases, fewer headaches and problems with nausea and elimination may also result. Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness cares for many expectant mothers in their practice. Many women rely on chiropractic care as a regular part of their pre-natal routine.

Along with adjustments, Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center can also help you find an exercise program and a nutritional diet that will benefit both you and your child.

Chiropractic techniques are completely safe. Many hospital are now recommending chiropractic care during pregnancy. Neither the uterus nor the child are put under any pressure and the adjustments can be done seated or standing, as well as lying down. Also, Main Street Chiropractic and Wellness uses a special chiropractic table that is adjustable so that the mother can lay face down without any pressure on her abdominal region.

How Chiropractic Helps: