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Dr. Kendra Carnevale, D.C


My life changed; pure and simple. I didn't even realize the loss of flexibility I had in my back and neck. I got so used to the tension and stiffness to the point that I thought it was just 'normal' for me. The first adjustment was an unbelievable release.

Over the last 11 years, she has been there for my family and myself - caring, devoted, professional. I am more than satisfied that she is my doctor and healer; I am even more grateful and blessed that she is my friend. Thank you, Dr. Kendra!
- Rick, Waltham

I love the idea of a Wellness Center. It has a variety of healing therapies that I need to feel better's something I definitely needed to do for myself.
- Susan, Weston

After my accident I was moving slower and waking up in pain every morning. My doctor suggested a chiropractic examination. I was a little skeptical, but Dr.Carnevale was wonderful. She explained what she was going to do and answered all of my questions. Five adjustments later, I'm back walking 2 miles a day without any discomfort.
- William, Waltham

I'm afraid of back problems when I get older. It's hard to get out and exercise and my job makes it difficult to do the things I know are good for my body. Kendra's lifestyle counseling helped me tremendously. I enjoy the massages and get just an occasional adjustment. I really need to do whatever it takes to stay healthy for myself and my family.
- Felice, Arlington Heights

My physician suggested chiropractic treatments for a chronic muscular pain in the back of my head. To my relief, the pain disappeared after several treatments by Dr. Carnevale. Chiropractic treatments worked where traditional medicine did not
- Harvey S., Lexington

For the first time in my adult life, I am free of constant pain from grinding my teeth, due to the wonderful chiropractic treatments from Dr. Carnevale. This is just one of my many body pains that she has helped to alleviate. Plus she is totally caring, supportive, and just a wonderful person.
- Cindy S., Lexington

Bonnie, my daughter, would always look uncomfortable sitting and couldn't seem to sit still for more than ten or fifteen minutes. She always got tired easily. Chiropractic worked! An examination, a few X-rays, and a few appointments (Bonnie even laughed through those) and my daughter seems to have found a friend and a healthier spine.
- Billie, Brookline

It really hit me when I came back from a business trip to St. Louis. I sat through hours of meetings, a plane flight, and a cab ride through traffic. I came home and could barely play with the kids, do what I know is my share of the housework, and keep from acting short-tempered and cranky....That's when it hit me - it's time to stop and do something. No more aspirin, no more back braces, no more hunched shoulders, no more stiff necks, no more always feeling tired, and no more not being my best at home. Dr. Carnevale is now on my calendar!
- Tom G., Newton